La casita azteca



  Until recently, most average food lovers thought of Mexican food in terms of tacos, tamales, & tongue-scorching salsas. Few were aware of the exquisite moles & pipianes with their sauces of ground pumpkin seeds & spices, or the naturally "cooked" ceviche, a medley of raw seafood marinated in lime juice. Nor did they know that the soul-satisfying cup of hot chocolate they happily sipped on a cold winter day was a gift of the cacao and vanilla of Mexico's 1st civilization.

  Mexican Cooking is more than indigenous dishes journeying untouched through the centuries. It is the grafting of of the fruits & vegetables, meats, grains & spices of the Old World into the root stock of the native foods, resulting in a cuisine that reflects the buffeting & enrichment of its turbulent evolution through the centuries–crêpes of exotic corn fungus, bowls of steaming menudo, pit-roasted pork seasoned with unique flavors of achiote & bitter orange, crystallized lime plumped full of grated coconut &, yes, the uncountable varieties of tacos, tamales &  salsas, shockingly hot to the unprepared palate.